The group behind the attack on Prashant Bhushan

Last Updated: Fri, Oct 14, 2011 09:34 hrs

No one is quite sure about the set of guys who attacked Prashant Bhushan in his chamber in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, but one look at their Facebook page, group head's Twitter account and blog site reveals the core ideologies of the group.

The self-styled Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, which uses the name of the country's famed freedom fighter Bhagat Singh to propagate their ideas, is a group with some strong views against Kashmir separatist movements and key figures (like Arundhati Roy) supporting that cause.

Although they categorically denied being a right-wing group when they initially approached the office of Bhushan on Wednesday, their core ideology centers on anti-liberalism, anti-separatism and fierce Hindu nationalism.

And in their own words, they are willing to do anything for the country -- which in the case of Bhushan translates as willing to even beat anybody up who has a different point of view.  

This is not the first instance of hooliganism by the group. The same organisation is reported to have been behind the attack on Arundhati Roy during a program where she launched her essays Broken Republic. The video of the attack was also found on their blog site.

Arundhati's speech "Against India, Army & in favour of Kashmir aazadi (freedom)" was allegedly what triggered the attack, it drew the wrath of the group which protested against the seminar at Delhi’s India Habitat Centre on May 20, 2011.

An FIR was filed in the case and the activists were arrested and held for two days.

It is clear from these events that anyone who even remotely suggests anything that differs from their ideas on Kashmir would incur their wrath.

One of the members who attacked Bhushan later said that the attack was instigated by a comment Bhushan had made in Varanasi on the possibility of holding a referendum in Kashmir.

But right-wing fundamentalism or not, the group themselves seem very tech- and internet-savvy. They have a frequently updated Facebook page with over 1600 fans and counting. Their blog is regularly updated with pictures of the protests they hold, videos in favour of their agendas, and news articles relating to their causes.

After the attack the group claimed responsibility by posting a message on their Facebook page. "We hit Prashant Bhushan hard in his chamber in supreme court.if u will try to break my nation, i will break ur heads (sic)", it read.

And before the attack, they sought the blessings of their God to successfully complete their mission. And that's all the more ironic when you realise that Bhagat Singh himself was a self proclaimed atheist.

"God give us power to complete our mission," it read.

The description on the page is a little more revealing and equally twisted. It reads: “Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena: A team of guys who are crazy for the nation, those who can do anything for Nation. A task force against traitors, anti nationals & corrupts. A team of people, those who are ready to take any action to teach anti nationals & traitors." (sic)

"A team of guys those who can die for the nation &……….. oooppssss srrry. Not die we are dying frm last 1000 years, first Mughals killed us then Britishers killed us.& now the tratiors inside the Nation killing us.Now we will not die,If we will die,then who will give right treatment to the traitors & anti nationals. time has come to give reply to the peoples those who are trying to divide my nation from kashmir to Arunachal.I think indication is Enough.then why are you waiting.Join us & become threat for Anti nationals & Traitors. 'Khoon se khelenge holi gr vatan mushkil me hai, sarfroshi ki tammana ab hmare dil me hai'” (sic)

The main admin of the page and possible key leader of the group seems to be an individual named Tajinder Pal Singh, who also has a Twitter account, and who is wanted by the police for the attack on Bhushan. On Twitter, he posts messages of the same degree found on Facebook and the blog.

The same Facebook message claiming responsibility for the attack had been posted on his Twitter account with the added congratulatory message to the "team" because "operation Prashant Bhushan was a success".

Singh claims on his Twitter profile to be "Frustrated from Congress,Corruption,Traitors & Anti-Nationals & Motivated from A Wednesday movie. If You Will Try to Break My Nation,I Will Break Your Head." (sic)

If their web pages are not already blocked, you can see the content for yourself.

Their blog site:

Their Facebook page:

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