The name that Kapil Sibal wants Narendra Modi to use

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 03, 2012 13:10 hrs

New Delhi: Taking a jibe at the Gujarat Chief Minister for raising objections to all the formulations and policies of the Congress-led UPA Government, Communications and IT Minister Kapil Sibal on Wednesday said Narendra Modi should change his name to 'Narendra Virodhi'.

Sibal accused Modi of opposing all this is good, and alleged that the latter was more into politics based on falsehood.

"I am really very concerned about what is happening in Indian politics. Modi opposes everything, which is good. If we say that we would be giving Aakash to the children in the coming years, he raises objections to it. If we want to bring reforms, he opposes that as well. He is doing politics based on falsehood," said Sibal.

"He is trying to increase his stature at the national level, but I don't think so this would help him. If he indulges in politics of allegations and counter-allegations, then I believe his stature will diminish. Why doesn't he change his name from Narendra Modi to 'Narendra Virodhi'? We all will come to know that he is there to oppose everything," he added.

Sibal further claimed that Modi was afraid of the influence and charisma of the Gandhi family throughout the country.

"Definitely, he feels threatened (by the Gandhi family). The public of Gujarat has now understood that politics of this kind would not be beneficial to the state as well as the national level. So, he is afraid that the path ahead may be closed for him and he may even lose elections in Gujarat," said Sibal.

"This fear is forcing him to indulge in politics of this kind. And I don't think that a responsible leader will talk in such a manner," he added.

Sibal's remark came in the backdrop of recent war of words between Narendra Modi and the Congress Party on the expenditure incurred on the treatment of Sonia Gandhi.

Narendra Modi had earlier upped the ante on the allegation that the Central Government has spent a sum of Rs.1880 crores on Sonia Gandhi's foreign trips.

On Monday, Modi had claimed that Rs.1880 crores had been spent on Sonia Gandhi's foreign trips.

"For Sonia Gandhi, 1880 crores rupees that belong to the poor of the country; has been spent. I have this newspaper dated 12 July 2012. Here, it is written that a resident of Hisar in Haryana had filed an RTI. The Indian Government itself gave this information to him," Modi told a rally in Gujarat's Junagadh District.

However, the RTI applicant, Ramesh Verma, denied Modi's claims, saying the figures being linked to his petition, were incorrect.

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