Tibetan rights body releases annual report

Last Updated: Mon, Jan 20, 2014 13:30 hrs

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) presented its annual report 2013 on the Tibetan situation, and also released 'Gulags of Tibet', a special report on Re-education through Labour (RTL) system here on Monday.

The annual report, which is available both in Tibetan and English language, focuses on civil and political rights, religious repression, economic, social and cultural rights, religious repression, China's development strategy, and self-immolations.

"This year in our report we have published fresh data from Tibet. We have received a lot of new information about human rights conditions there. We have managed to interview quite a number of Tibetan, former nomads, businessmen, NGOs in Tibetan areas," TCHRD director, Tsering Tsomo said.

The theme of the report is the continued implementation of nomad resettlement and relocation policy. Tibetan nomads have been forced to leave their ancestral lands and resettle or relocate in urban areas, mostly against their wishes and without adequate compensation.

The report also aims to benefit researchers interested in human rights.

"There are lots of interviews published in this report which will benefit many people who have interest in human rights situation in Tibet and other researchers," Tsomo added.

Meanwhile, the special report 'Gulags of Tibet' examines the history and evolution of RTL, and analyses the current RTL laws, in addition to examining how RTL violates the international prohibitions of arbitrary detentions, forced labour and torture. (ANI)

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