Top buzzwords used by scammers to lure victims on social media sites revealed

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 25, 2013 10:30 hrs

Internet security experts have said top three buzzwords in Twitter - Barack Obama, the Australian Open and gun control - are currently being used by cyber criminals to lure victims on social media.

The experts have also asked users to keep an eye out for posts mentioning the Super Bowl, Playstation 4 and The Ashes, topics predicted to be popular with canny cyber crimes throughout 2013, reports

Research by tech security firm Trend Micro Australia has revealed this month's most popular keywords used by online scammers, who use them to make their tweeted links to malware and hacking sites seem legitimate.

Trend Micro cyber safety expert Aman Chand said big news events such as President Obama's inauguration and the tennis, which are widely discussed on social media, were easy targets for criminals to latch onto.

Chand said criminals used the buzzwords to disguise links to dangerous websites as links to news stories or funny videos. He added that cyber criminals are using smart tactics such as social media posts, fake mobile apps and harmful news videos to lure in their victims.

Popular keywords in 2012 included Whitney Houston, Instagram, Angry Birds and Olympics. (ANI)

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