U.S. considering leaving 3000 troops behind in Afghanistan post 2014 withdrawal

Last Updated: Mon, Feb 24, 2014 08:00 hrs

President Barack Obama is considering leaving behind 3000 troops in Afghanistan as an option of having U.S. military presence in the country after 2014.

US officials said military commanders have recommended 10,000 troops, with more installations across the country.

According to the Washington Post, the military has spent the past several months studying what kind of reduced counter terrorism and training operations it could conduct with the small number of troops if left behind.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is planning to brief his NATO counterparts in Brussels this week on the status of U.S. decision-making.

According to the report, under the 10,000-troop option, U.S. forces would remain in Kabul, Kandahar, Bagram and Jalalabad until the end of 2015.

Some 5,000 NATO and other international troops based in the northern and western parts of the country will also remain as part of a NATO mission called Resolute Support.

A second option would base a somewhat smaller number of U.S. troops in Kabul and Bagram until 2016.

The 3,000 troops under Option 3 would be restricted to Kabul and Bagram, officials said.(ANI)

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