UK stuntman breaks world record for swallowing knives

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 22, 2012 08:40 hrs

A sword swallower from Isle of Wight, England has broken a world record by plunging two curved knives down his throat.

Daredevil Ian Brown, 29, held the fearsome weapons down for 13 seconds - the longest time ever recorded, the Sun reported.

He practised for the terrifying feat up to 40 times a day after giving the age-old circus trick a go last year with a bent coat hanger.

"I started by trying to swallow a bent coat-hanger and gradually progressed," Brown said.

"Some nights my girlfriend will be watching the telly and there I am doing weird things like swallowing swords or hammering a nail into my face," he said.

Brown has overcome his bodys natural gag reflex and says he now only notices the swords down his throat if they are cold.

The jaw-dropping scenes took place in Fareham, Hants, during travelling show Circus of Horrors.

Brown broke his own record of eight seconds that he set in July.

"Mastering sword swallowing takes dedication," he said.

"People shouldn't even attempt it until they have a good base of other skills.

"I started with a bed of nails and hammering a nail into my face," he added.

For his next tricks, Brown hopes to swallow a neon tube and pull a car along with a swallowed sword.

He gave up his job to focus on the new talent, inspired by his fire-eater girlfriend. (ANI)

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