Upgraded Internet has more addresses than stars in universe

Last Updated: Sat, Jun 09, 2012 05:59 hrs

London: The upgrade of the Internet system to a new standard that allows for a trillion IP addresses means there are more number of web addresses available than stars in the entire universe, according to a report.

After Wednesday's launch of Internet protocol 'World IPv6', web operators and others have switched permanently to the new system from the existing standard, IPv4.

These are the strings of numbers, which give each computer or internet-connected address a long, individual number from which they can send and receive transmissions.

According to The Daily Mail, IPv4 provided 4.3billion addressees, while the new system brings with it 340 undecillion potential IP addresses.

A report by Universetoday.com suggested that an average galaxy has between 100 billion and one trillion stars.

The report further said that there are between 100 billion and one trillion galaxies in total, which brings us up to a range of between 10 sextillion and 1 septillion stars.

These estimates are based on extrapolations based on the mathematics, which estimate the potential mass of the entire universe, and what gravity within our galaxy tells us about the universe as a whole.

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