US' NRA head defends gun-rights protesters' comparison of NY Gov. Cuomo to Hitler

Last Updated: Sat, Mar 02, 2013 06:30 hrs

President of the US' National Rifle Association (NRA) has said that their was nothing wrong with protesters comparing Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to Adolf Hitler at a demonstration against his sweeping new gun control law.

David Keene said the protesters were trying to demonstrate what happens when a government disarms its citizenry.

Nearly 5,000 people attended Thursday's rally at state Capitol to protest the state's new gun restrictions, which include an expanded ban on assault weapons and a prohibition on magazines carrying over 7 rounds of ammunition.

According to the New York Daily News, signs from the protest depicted Cuomo with a Hitler mustache.

One of the signs read, "CUOMO IS A TYRANT." It contained a swastika and photo of the governor with a Hitler mustache and wearing a Germany Army hat, the report said.

The controversy over the Hitler and Nazi imagery comes only a few weeks after an upstate assemblyman was forced to apologize after he said Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin would have been proud of Cuomo's tactics. (ANI)

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