US Republicans at 'risk of losing entire generation' to Democrats: Report

Last Updated: Tue, Nov 13, 2012 08:20 hrs

US Republicans face a risk of losing 'entire generation' to Democrats, as majority of young voters went for Barack Obama in last week's Presidential elections, according to a report.

Heading into the 2012 election, Republicans were convinced young voters under the age of 30 were no longer in Obama's corner, and they would likely abandon him at the ballot box or simply not show up on November 6.

Instead, voters ages 18 to 29, who made up 19 percent of the electorate, went for Obama by 60 percent to 36 percent for Mitt Romney, the Huff Post reports.

According to experts, now Republicans are faced with a grim premise as they look toward the future, with a much more racially diverse and socially liberal young voter base that supports Democrats by a large margin.

"It's something Republicans need to worry about in the future, because they could lose that entire generation," the report quoted Paul Beck, a professor at The Ohio State University, as saying.

According to Beck, those kind of consistent margins among an entire age demographic suggest an environment where those voters become inclined to support a particular political party by default.

"The clearest evidence that we have come from the 1930s. That's when a generation of the electorate entered and voted for [Franklin Delano] Roosevelt. After FDR's death, that generation included the strongest supporters of the Democratic party. A similar loyalty was inculcated during Ronald Reagan's years in office," Beck said.

"They've got a problem," Beck said of Republicans. (ANI)

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