Use of water cannons, tear gas should've been avoided: Lt Gov

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 25, 2013 12:11 hrs

New Delhi: Delhi Lt Governor Tejinder Khanna today disapproved of the police baton charge on youths taking out protests after the December 16 gangrape incident, saying it could have been "avoided".

His comments came two days after Justice J S Verma Committee, which looked into laws to tackle sexual offences, described the police action as one which "scarred the Indian democracy".

"I think we have a very professional force in Delhi. My own view is that the use of water cannons and tear gas should have been avoided...

"...but when there was just peaceful protest by young people, I thought that was not called for and when I come back there was big meeting and Police Commissioner was there he also expressed his regret," Khanna told reporters on the sidelines of National Voters Day celebrations here.

Emphasing that street agitations are to draw attention of the government, he said there should be a combined effort to solve the problem.

"I have met people of some colleges and universities and need for special security and they expressed the need of deploying security personnel outside colleges and streetlights need to be installed.

"In my view there is need for special security force in fronts schools or colleges whether girls or co-ed. There is support needed from women activist groups also. Police and citizens need to cooperate and we should learn from foreign countries. Time has finished now that people stay away, " Khanna said.

He further said that people who do not know how to respect women should think twice whether they are fit to stay in the national capital.

He also emphasised the need for cooperation between police and citizens to ensure a safer environment for women.

On police reforms, Khanna said, "People who are in police force and all police officers I asked all of them if you want to be successful in your securities duty you need to create a relation of respect with the citizens of Delhi.

"Respect and listen to their problems seriously. Relation of trust need to be built up. Need to connect police and citizens to make a difference and in it police need to take an initiative first."

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