Video: How to avoid some common mistakes in Civil Services Exam Preparation

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 01, 2017 12:48 hrs

​Here we have a video on how to avoid the most common mistakes in Civil Services Exam Preparation.

Summarizing the content of the video:
  • Be thorough with the syllabus of the examination. 
  • Start practicing model papers and previous years papers months before the exam
  • Select proper optional subjects. Only if you are sure that you can study and do well in that subject, pick it up. This is a very essential step for clearing the exam
  • Mingle with seniors who have attempted the exam and clear your doubts with them
  • Form study groups consisting of 4 or 5 candidates and prepare together. 
  • Write tests frequently. Start writing tests atleast 6 months before the preliminary exam and 6 months before the main exam. 
  • Do not buy multiple books for each subject. Purchase a maximum of 2-3 good books for each subject
  • Perform self-evaluation. See where you went wrong in your last Civil Services Examination or in your last mock test. Learn from your mistakes.
  • Revise everything 5-6 times. 

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