Vir Das to Class XII students: Screw your marks!

Source : SIFY
By : Deepika Mohan
Last Updated: Tue, Feb 07, 2017 12:07 hrs
Vir Das On your marks

Vir Das, Bollywood actor and comedian has a serious message for those have completed Class 12 Boards. 

'Screw your marks' is what Vir Das says. Surprised? Well, here's more. 

There is much more to life than just marks. The amount of pressure the society puts on children to get the highest marks in 12th boards is immense. More than these marks, it is lessons that life teaches you that are to be valued.

Lessons on money, love, body, fight, that special someone, dreams and other life lessons do not require your Class XII marksheet.

A powerful message which is conveyed in the most engaging way. A must watch for students and parents! 

Here's the video: 

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