Volunteers to clean Yamuna, Potomac, Yangtze rivers

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 03, 2010 06:20 hrs

As part of a global initiative by the Rivers of the World Foundation and the Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water, volunteers in China, India and the US will pick up trash and clean up the river beds March 22.

Hong Zhao, a Chinese environmentalist and editor of a children's art magazine, Wednesday announced her support for the programme in the Taj city.

'Volunteers in Washington DC will pick up trash from the Potomac river, in Agra school children will help clean up the Yamuna in the city, and in Wuhan city of China, volunteers will pick up trash from the Yangtze Kiang river bank,' she told IANS.

Robbie Ali, a specialist in environmental health from the US told researchers and young scientists at St. Peter's College: 'More and more people, especially youngsters should get mobilised and work for their future. It's also necessary to rethink the mad race for materialistic development which overlooks the finer aspects of life, creative pursuits, eco-conservation and the balance in nature.'

The March 22 river cleaning initiative has been launched by several eco-groups across the world.

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