Watch: Elephant takes a stroll through a market

Last Updated: Mon, Aug 17, 2015 13:32 hrs

Citizens of the small Dutch town of Noordwijkerhout had a strange shock today when their little town market received a very unexpected visitor. Named Buba, the huge pachyderm had apparently just earlier strolled out of her circus in a nearby field and decided to do a little shopping. 

In a video captured by a surprised shopper, the elephant is seen quite literally checking out the stalls, trunk a-waving and apparently not very interested in the wares as such. 

In a short while her trainer came along and upon hearing her name, Buba apparently calmly followed him back to the circus. 

Circus Freiwald spokesman Gerard Guiking told the the 40-year-old elephant does not like to stay within her fences, but is "super sweet". 

"She really is like a dog who goes sometimes to walk." he said. 

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