White House petition to merge America and Australia to form a 'super nation'

Last Updated: Tue, May 07, 2013 17:29 hrs

London: A petition created on the official website of White House has demanded the American administration under President Barack Obama to consider merging America and Australia to form a super nation called 'Ameristralia'.

The White House website had launched a section called 'We the People" in 2011 that permitted the general public to write a petition to the US government on significant issues, in liaison with the First Amendment of the US Constitution, the Herald Sun reports.

The petitioner has already managed to get nearly 5,000 signatures for the petition but falls short by 95,000 more signatures for getting the government to address his issue.

While some recent petitions address general welfare issues of gun violence, marijuana legislation and free speech, certain hilarious ones ask for the release of White House's secret recipe for its Honey Ale beer and the making of a government funded Star-Wars style death star.

The petitions on the website are reviewed by the White House staff members only if they receive 100,000 signatures in 30 days and are then sent to 'the appropriate policy experts' for an official response on the matter, the report added. 

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