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Why does an F1 car make that deafening noise

Source : IANS
Last Updated: Sun, Oct 28, 2012 15:10 hrs

Greater Noida, Oct 28 (IANS) Everyone has heard it but very few know why a Formula One car makes such a deafening sound.

There is the obvious reason of the engine power in an F1 car, which leads to the ear-splitting noise (for some music) that it makes.

But the non-existence of a silencer or a muffler on the exhaust pipe of the car is the real reason behind the sound. Every road car comes with a silencer to keep the decibel levels under limits. However, an F1 car hasn't got any.

Putting a muffler in an F1 car will cut down its performance and the power it generates.

"There is no sound muffler on the exhaust pipe, which is the reason why it is so loud. Putting it on would mean killing the performance of the car and reducing the power," Ferrari team mechanic Alberto told IANS.

The noise an F1 car makes, means spectators have to use ear plugs at all times and team crew walk around with large headphones to hear into the team radio.

"The airflow in an F1 car has to be smooth and an exhaust will only break that flow. Though there is a diffuser in the front and the back that helps in generating downforce," he said.

"The aerodynamics is very important to a car. Without a clear airflow, the car will be really unbalanced and difficult to drive."

Talking about the fuel used in the car, the Italian said: It is normal fuel, which you get from distributors but we have to clean it very carefully. We cannot allow any dust or other particles to be there."

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