Why the Congress will continue to be like that only

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 22, 2012 07:34 hrs

India is in the grip of one of its biggest crises with the estimated displacement of 5 lakh people in the North East. It is a cause for worry. Strict and prompt action has to be taken by the State. A long term strategy has to be chalked out by the Centre.

And yet all the attention and news space seems to have been taken by totally different factors. Violent protests took place in Mumbai and Lucknow while the authorities were just mute spectators. Rumours led to the exodus of thousands of North Easteners from Bangalore.

And what was the problem according to the Home Ministry? There’s some trouble going on in Myanmar. Pakistan is faking images and videos to stoke up trouble in India. And finally one wakes up to the lead story in the nation’s top English daily that the Centre wants to ban parody PMO Twitter accounts. What has that got to do with any of the above burning issues!

Doesn’t Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have better things to do? The UPA tries to solve every problem it comes across by clamping down on cyberspace.

One version of the Butterfly Effect says that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set off a tornado in Texas.

In another version, communal trouble in Myanmar can set off a storm in virtual teacup in India.

But why is the Congress behaving in such a brazen manner? The corruption charges are coming one after another. But all it is interested in doing is rubbishing the CAG and proving that the BJP is even more corrupt.

Governance is at an all-time low, but trying to control the media and muzzle the social media seems to be its only answer.

The economy is in doldrums, but the Congress is keen to come out with schemes like mobiles for BPL families which will increase the burden on the economy manifold.

The arrogance of the ruling party lies in the perceived fact that There Is No Alternative (TINA). The Congress is not scared of the electorate because it feels that no matter what happens, it will eventually get re-elected.

Till 2011 end it was dead sure of coming to power in 2014. Now it’s sure that 2014 will be a hung parliament and by 2016 it will come to power again.

The problem is that history is on its side.

In fact, the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is a permanent shadow on the post of Prime Minister.

Jawaharlal Nehru ruled till death. Lal Bahadur Shastri was the first fresh alternative, but he mysteriously died after being in office for 14 months. Indira Gandhi had a broken rule, but still ruled till death.

The Janata Party came to power in 1977 and promptly disintegrated. Rajiv Gandhi got a record mandate and had he been alive today would definitely have been PM. VP Singh lasted a mere 11 months. Narasimha Rao became PM only because Sonia Gandhi turned down the post.

The Janata Dal ruled from 1996-98 and promptly disintegrated at the national level. The NDA government momentarily gave us the hope of a second alternative in 1998, but got booted out in 2004. Its failure in 2009 and dim prospects in 2014 mean that it might also go the Janata Party and Janata Dal way.

Finally Manmohan Singh became PM only because Sonia couldn’t take up the post. After 65 years of Independence, we are still dependent on the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty to rule the nation.

No matter how much you hate the Congress, it seems that it is the only party that can rule India. No matter how much you hate the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, it seems it is the only family that can control the Congress.

The Congress is TINA. The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is double TINA.

That brute monopoly is showing on the governance of the nation. The belief that “No matter how badly we perform, we will be back at the Centre come what may” is leading to the current arrogance, hubris and total lack to resolve to solve any problem facing the nation.

Narendra Modi is a potential PM, but for that to happen, the BJP will have to get at least 200 Lok Sabha seats if not 250. It currently has 116 seats with no wave going for it.

Nitish Kumar is a potential PM, but can a man with just 20 seats aspire to make it and be effective?

For all you know, Rahul Gandhi could well become PM in 2016 and the whole drama will begin yet again.

Many said that it is amazing that a nation of 1 billion plus could not produce a single Gold Medal in the 2012 Olympics.

But what is more amazing is the fact that a nation of 1 billion plus cannot produce a single consensual pan-India PM who can make it on his or her own outside of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

Till then, on to Priyanka, Robert, Raihan and Miraya!

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