Woman raised by monkeys found it difficult to start walking on two feet

Last Updated: Wed, Apr 03, 2013 10:40 hrs

London: A woman from Bradford, who was raised by monkeys in Colombia after she was kidnapped as a child, has revealed that she had difficulty standing straight on her feet and walked naked on all fours.

63-year-old Marina Chapman reveals in her book 'The Girl With No Name' how she struggled to adjust to life back among humans.

"After a time in the forest I tried to do what my monkey family did, to get from tree to tree by means of the thick vines, before landing on a bed of branches," the Sun quoted her as saying.

She said that her body had adapted to the daily climbing. She had grown stronger, while the skin on her hands, feet, elbows and knees had got dry and leathery to better grip the bark.

She said that when she was discovered she was filthy and no longer stood on two legs.

She was then later exchanged and take in as a maid.

Chapman was put to work for one of the women in the house.

She couldn't stand properly and would squat any time she was stationary.

"If I needed to move I would scuff along the ground on all fours. I was to all intents and purposes a monkey for a long time after rejoining human society," she said.

"I walked naked on all fours. I had forgotten whatever language I once spoke and had no idea of my name," she added. 

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