Words you should stop using on your resume

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 14, 2012 09:37 hrs

Washington: LinkedIn has poured over its 180-odd million members to come up with a list of overused and redundant buzzwords, according to a report by the networking site.

The report goes on to say that using these words could be an instant turn-off for potential recruiters, as it simply shows that you are run of the mill, and actually not 'unique' or 'dynamic'.

LinkedIn's Nicole Williams explains that no one would mention how disorganized or irresponsible they are on their resume, and their antonyms are so repetitive that they are wasted words too.

So, if you are using any of these 2012 buzzwords then its time you hit the delete button.

Here they are, in order of how overused they are:
  • Creative
  • Organizational
  • Effective
  • Motivated
  • Extensive Experience
  • Track Record
  • Innovative
  • Responsible
  • Analytical
  • Problem Solving
  • Experimental 
  • Multinational 
  • Specialized 
  • Communication skills
  • Dynamic

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