Young elocutionist launches album in Kolkata

Last Updated: Sat, Jun 01, 2013 12:11 hrs

Debutant Bristi Chattopadhay on Tuesday released her first album of poems, 'Aparajita', here in Kolkata.

Present at the launch event were the doyens of Bengali poetry like Krishna Basu, Bithi Bandopadhay and Subhod Sarkar besides popular elocutionist Bratati Bandopadhay.

"The USP of this album is celebration of womanhood. ´Aparajita´ depicts the journey of a woman of substance with her contribution to the society. Be it Radha, Kadambari Devi, Princess Diana or an average girl and so on, this album has touched all the generation," said young singer Bristi Chattopadhay.

"Whatever I have learnt in my life is from Bratati Bandopadhay. I am fortunate to have recited such famous pieces," she said paying tribute to her teacher.

Bratati Bandopadhay was ebullient as well at the launch.

"I would firstly like to thank Dr. Purnendu Roy (the producer of the album) for his constant support to produce this album. I remember my
old days when my albums used to release. I never wanted to be only famous, but I had that love for poetry which gave me fame. Many students
of mine have talent in them, but Bristi (Chattopadhay) is different because she had the passion to bring her poems till this level." said
Bratati Bandopadhay.

Speaking on the occasion, Purnendu Roy, Chairman and Managing Director of Orion Entertainment, said, "Poems are becoming extinct slowly and gradually. We love Bengali poems which used to take us away from the mundane world to provide immense joy and happiness. We should encourage more beautiful poems. ´Aparajita´ is such an effort from Orion Entertainment that would mesmerize the listeners for sure."

Aparajita encompasses poems like ´Subhakham´, ´Duyo Rani´, ´Sabdhaner Ekush Shotok´, ´Lakhhi´, ´Ekla Megh´, ´Radhika Sambad´ and many others.

(Reporting by Shubhrima Dutta)

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