Your Guide to Smart Career Planning

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 01, 2017 12:59 hrs
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Career planning is the most important decision of your life. It not only determines your material prosperity but your entire life style for the rest of your life. While setting your goals, you must accept your own potentials and drawbacks. Have a proper critical introspection about your own self and only thereafter you should decide the goals that are in accordance with your personal and environmental needs, apart from the resources available to you. 

Impulsive decision-making in this regard would be damaging to your career planning/setting of the goals. You ought to carefully observe inside and look outside for tapping the suitable and achievable goals of your life. You must act in a positive direction. In order to be successful, you must define your goals, plan your career and start working to achieve them, unperturbed by the ups and downs of the life.  

Here are a few steps that one can take in order to decide on a career:
  1. Know the possible Career Fields in areas not just Engineering, Medicine, Management etc. that you may opt from. There are many promising options that the unconventional streams offer.
  2. Know the possible technical and non-technical institutes/universities that train the aspirants for specific Career Fields. 
  3. Choosing the appropriate subjects of study (at +2 level and undergraduate level) that are in line with your ultimate career aspirations/ goals. 
  4. Be prepared to take relevant courses which are required for upward career movement.
  5. Be aware of the demands of the course and the total duration required to establish oneself. 
  6. You may have to relocate from your hometown if a course is not available in your vicinity. Do not limit your options or compromise on your dreams.
  7. Match your abilities and personality characteristics with the job requirements to be successful and satisfied (i.e. job satisfaction) with a respective job. For this you may further need the help of your career counselor who is trained to guide you towards the ‘road to success’. 
  8. Know all the possible kind of jobs opportunities that are available in the market. Do not just focus on designations and salary. Focus on the job profile.
  9. Identify the Job Skills (elements) and Personality Characteristics required fulfilling a Job successfully. 
  10. Ensure you enroll with recognized institutes only. 

Many people bring great unhappiness to themselves because they refuse to accept themselves. Someone else’s job, somebody else’s personality always seems so much desirable than one's own. The essence of life is that everyone in the whole world is unique. Success, therefore, lies in a single-minded development of one’s own abilities and personality traits. Never try to copy or model other people whose potentials and qualities may be quite different than yours. Groom your own garden.

Know that you have your chance by work and study. You have the power to settle your destiny with proper planning, hard work, diligence and persistence. The informed decisions you make today will contribute to the creation of an enjoyable life tomorrow.


Ms. Suchitra Surve is the Director of Growth Centre (I) Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading counselling firms in Mumbai pioneering in offering total counselling solutions since 1999.A pioneer in the field of career guidance, Ms. Surve is also an eminent spokesperson in leading newspapers and channels on educational and career counselling. More than 14 years in the field has given her an understanding not only about studies in India but also for various countries such as USA, UK, Australia & Singapore. 

Her forte lies in guiding students for Group Discussion & Personal Interview and Resume Writing. She has also conducted workshops for Teachers and Students on Personal Effectiveness, Creativity Skills, Communication Skills, Time Management, and so on.

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