Youths in Kashmir launch shopping portal to facilitate handicraft business

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 14, 2012 09:30 hrs

Youth in Jammu and Kashmir launched a shopping portal to facilitate handicrafts business and popularize 'Wazwan' the traditional cuisine of Kashmir.

Three young men, Kaashif Ahmad, Muheet Mehraj and Ishfaq Mir have designed the website 'Kashmir Box' in a bid to globalize traditional items of Kashmir.

One of the designers, Muheet Mehraj said the portal features books on Kashmir, which will equip the people in a better way with a fair knowledge about history and rich cultural heritage.

"When we started 'Kashmir Box', the aim was to portray and market handicrafts of Kashmir to the world. We started with the handicrafts of Kashmir and the books written on Kashmir. People want to know more about Kashmir's nature and environment. So, there was a lot of demand from people who wanted to enhance their knowledge," said Mehraj.

Apart from offering discounted and fast service, such sites have also provided a national platform to regional merchants by selling their products online.

A customer from Mumbai, Ramzan appreciated the portal and said that it has received a good response.

"I have never seen people getting products of Kashmir at their doors. This is a very good concept. It is also providing satisfaction to many customers. It is very good for me and it will be beneficial to all," said Ramzan.

Ishfaq Ahmad, a Kashmiri worker engaged in handicrafts industry, said that the aim was to create brands and inspire the youth to plunge into entrepreneurship.

"The inspiration that the youth has right now is employment, which guarantees him a sustainable income at the end of the month. But does not ask him what he has to deliver. The challenge here is that he has to deliver and then sustainability will come and that opportunity we want to create. We want to create such brands which inspire youth to plunge into entrepreneurship," said Ahmad.

Besides books, online shoppers buy goods such as handicrafts, jewellery, traditional Kashmiri cuisine 'Wazwan'. (ANI)

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