Zambia seeks tourism investment from India

Last Updated: Sat, Feb 23, 2013 14:07 hrs

A delegation from Zambia recently called for Indian businessmen to invest in the African country, here.

Addressing a session at the Indian Chambers of Commerce (ICC), the Director of the Zambia Tourism Board, Mato Shimabale invited investments from India in the tourism sector of Zambia.

Shimabale said, "The country has faced no war since independence and the crime rate has been relatively low in Zambia. We would like to make Zambia the gem of tourism in Africa. It is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. We would like to invite the tourists as well who decide to visit Africa."

He informed that the United Nations World Tourism Convention will be hosted in Zambia in the middle of August this year. This is going to be a joint venture between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

He also noted, "India is among our top ten arrivals in Zambia. We have a huge Indian investment. Some of the eminent names that have invested in Zambia are Vedanta, Airtel, Tata."

Shimabale said, " A man´s visit to Africa, is incomplete if he does not go to the Victoria Falls, one of the world´s largest waterfalls and the Kafue National Park, the second biggest national park in the world. Indians will also have varied tastes of Indian cuisines in Zambia as there are many Indian restaurants available in the country."

Addressing the media he asserted, Zambia has a population of 30 million people. The country is the major copper producer in the continent. "Tourism adds roughly 3 percent - 5 percent in Zambia´s GDP."

"Vedanta has the biggest investment as far as the mining sector is concerned in Zambia. The total number of Indians, who visited Zambia last year, stands at 25,000," he said.

Among other guests, present at the session, were, Director of Washabari Tea Co.Pvt.Ltd, Nayantara Palchoudhuri; Consule of Zambia in India, Arjun De; Acting Deputy High Commissioner in India, Bwalya Lyapa Nondo and Director General of ICC, Rajeev Singh.

Nayantara said, "Zambia is the gold mine as far as the tourism sector is concerned. It is acknowledged as one of the safest countries in the world to visit."

Arjun De said, "We, the Indians go to South Africa and Nairobi only. The Victoria falls is spectacular and we have to visit it once in our lifetime to feel it."

Bwalya Lyapa Nondo said, "Zambia and India´s co-operation is many years old. 1500 Indians are currently staying in Zambia."
Rajeev Singh said, "ICC will look forward to taking the co-operation between the two countries forward."

(Reporting by Gourab Gupta)

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