Mock Paper for SBI PO, Clerk, SO and IBPS Examinations : Reasoning (Logical Reasoning)

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SBI will be conducting the written examination for recruitment to the post of Probationary Officers in June, 2015.

Objective tests for 100 marks and will be conducted online in the centres given in the admit card. Duration of the test would be 1 hour and consists of 3 sections.

  • English Language
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning

a group of experts who carefully create mock tests specific to each competitive examination, have come up with sample questions for SBI PO, SBI Clerk, SBI SO, IBPS and other competitive examinations.

Directions (1-5): Do as directed in each of the following questions.

According to Albert Einstein's famous theory of relativity, time travel is theoretically possible. Assuming that time travel were to be made possible through some technological breakthrough, it would be advantageous to send someone back in time to prevent the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 and thus keep World War I from ever occurring.

Directions (6–7): These questions are based on statement given below and the sentences labeled (A), (B), (C) and (D) as given below.

The cases of food poisoning due to consumption of liquor in rural areas are far greater than such cases in urban areas. Hence it can be concluded that the liquor supplied in rural areas is of low quality than that supplied in urban areas.

Directions: (9 - 10):
These questions are based on statement given below and the sentences labeled (A), (B), (C) and (D) as given below.

The number of people diagnosed with dengue fever (which is contracted from the bite of an infected mosquito) in North India this year is twice the number diagnosed last year. The authorities have concluded that measures to control the mosquito population have failed in this region.

(A) An effective diagnostic test was introduced about nine months ago.

(B) The incidence (number of cases per thousand) of malaria, also contracted from mosquito bites, has increased.

(C) A very high proportion of the cases were diagnosed in people of neighboring country.

More cases are now reported because of increases in administrative efficiency.

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