What Are The Benefits Of Using Skype?

Summary - Either for personal reasons or official, you must have used Skype at some point in your life. Here, we tell you what the benefits of using Skype are.

Undoubtedly, Skype is the most popular VoIP service of world and has gained rapid popularity in India. This hybrid instant messaging and voice application allows users to connect with one another from any location at the world with just internet access. With millions of users, Skype provides the most convenient and affordable communication platform in the world. Be it business communication or cheapest international call rates from India, Skype has many advantages.

Let us understand how Skype can benefit your life.

Build relationship

Skype allows a user to make both video as well as voice calls to personal and business contacts. Although email and instant messaging holds a prominent place in modern communication, having a direct conversation with the person is an altogether different experience which helps a lot in strengthening personal or professional relationships. Besides, Skype offers the facility of making cheap international calls, so it is very useful for small businesses that need to outsource small tasks from a scattered workforce. Here, Skype, through its real-time voice communication, helps in establishing strong ties.

Low cost

Be it business or personal communication, the biggest benefit of Skype is, of course, its low cost. Whether you have to make cheap international calling from India or free chat, Skype offers the most affordable service. Even if you have to make a group video conference, it can be easily done in the lowest possible price. You just need to upgrade to Skype Premium, and you can avail several features like ad-free experience, group screen sharing and even live customer support.

Skype credits

Now, you can make the most affordable international calls as the partnership of Sify and Skype has launched the most economical Skype credit system. In this credit system, a user can buy price points starting with a lowest Rs. 30 to connect with friends and family abroad. This new range of credit points come in Rs. 60, Rs. 120, Rs. 300 and Rs. 1500 which can be easily bought via either debit or credit cards or Skype credit vouchers online. Our partnership with Skype has enabled millions of users to connect at global platform at cheapest international call rates from India.


At present, business and personal communication has become very frequent and the credit goes to smartphones and tablets. Skype is supported on any device from Android phones to desktops, laptops and IOS. This ability to access Skype with your contacts anytime anywhere makes it a handy communication solution for people as well as businesses.

Instant messaging

Apart from voice and video calls, Skype offers the facility of instant messaging which is a practical solution to drop a quick message during busy hours. Moreover, this application also allows users to share documents and switch to voice or video calls in no time. Skype's instant messaging facility can be used for group chats as well.

Want to know more about its benefits? Download it and experience yourself.