33 things Kimi should do in India!

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 17, 2012 13:31 hrs

The Finn turns 33 today! And the coming year definitely promises to be an exciting one for him. Currently at No.3 in the championship standings, things could still swing his way with only four races left. Next stop on the F1 calendar is Buddh, and we hope his first experience on the circuit is a memorable one and his trip to India a fitting birthday gift. On that note, here's a list of 33 things Kimi could do during his stay here.

#1 Ride the rick. Last year, Mark Webber and Jenson Button got a taste of the auto rickshaw in the comfort of the Buddh International Circuit. We hope the Finn dares to take it out on the roads of Delhi.

#2 Pedal the rick. He might like to step it up and get a workout in the bargain by carting people around in the traditional rickshaw.

#3 Bargain. We bet even the most stoic shop attendant will concede defeat in the face of Kimi's deadpan plea.

#4 Race to Agra. Hit the Yamuna express way to Agra and test the speed he can do in our local taxi.

#5 Kiss the girl. And while at Agra, visit the Taj Mahal and kiss wife Jenni Dahlman. We sure hope she's accompanying him on his maiden India trip.

#6 Do the dandiya. Well, it was Gangnam Style all the way in Korea. And since the Indian GP is at the fag end of dussehra, we're sure we can manage a few dandiya sticks for Kimi and whoever else he chooses to cavort with desi style.

#7 Bhalle Bhalle. We don't think the performers at the circuit will spare him a dance lesson in bhangra. They were everywhere last year!

#8 Brave Delhi Belly. We hope he has the stomach for Old Delhi and its delicacies. If it goes either way, it will be an experience he can't forget.

#9 Crash-course in Hindustani. Will the intonations and pauses of Hindi change Kimi's trademark flat-tone? He could give it a try.

#10 Go desi. When he's had that crash-course, we'd love to hear him say "what's my lap time?" in Hindi while on the radio to his pit crew! Shabash, Kimi!

#11 Make a wish. Folklore has it that if you can grasp the famous iron pillar in the Qutab Minar complex with your hands while you have your back to it, then the wish you make at that moment comes true. The championship could still be yours, Kimi!

#12 Get Henna-d. What better place to get inked Indian style than in Lajpat Nagar. We can do angry birds, too.

#13 Tailor-made. Out of the racing gear and into the Safari suit, a unique addition to Kimi's wardrobe, courtesy Khan market.

#14 Blinged out headgear. Trade those Lotus caps for reams of colourful fabric spun into a traditional turban.

#15 Pick up a bat. You're in India, Kimi. It's time you got a taste of cricket.

#16 Run the kite. Here's another sport to pick up. We're sure all that agility on the circuit will come in handy.

#17 Race a pigeon. Who would you place your bets on, Kimi? Does one good racer know another when he sees one?

#18 Flick a carrom. It's not the vanity muscles that get a workout in an F1 driver. So here's something for Kimi's index finger.

#19 Charm a snake. Does the Formula 1 racer know no fear? Find out while Kimi turns snake charmer. It's just like weaving all over the circuit, after all.

#20 Ride a camel. They can do 65km/h on short sprints. We're sure this new racing experience is right up his alley!

#21 Train-hopping. Catch the fastest train in India, the Bhopal Shatabdi, to Agra and see how it compares to the Lotus Renault.

#22 Fancy a kulfi. We hope it's cool enough for the Iceman.

#23 Get some colour. We plan to introduce Kimi's tastebuds to paan.

#24 Battle of the flower ladies. Challenge the flower vendors to a race of braiding jasmine. A simple criss-cross knot on the stalk of a jasmine bud will hold. But is Kimi dexterous and fast enough?

#25 Pose with a bandhar. Who needs a postcard when you can make your own!

#26 Make a circle. It's not as simple as it sounds. Can Kimi make a perfectly round roti? Hand him the trivet please!

#27 Juggle gol-gappas. We dare kimi to give this a shot without crushing them. We guess he'll be game as long as he doesn't have to eat the lot.

#28 History lesson. A glass of wine at the Imperial Hotel that guarantees a trip back to the Raj.

#29 Milk bottle rendezvous. No one, including Kimi Raikkonen, can afford to miss a customary trip to Connaught place and a strawberry milkshake from Cavenders fresh from a bottle.

#30 Ethnic knick-knacks. A trip to Hauz Khas village for all things kitsch and desi.

#31 Racing pilgrimage. This is a long shot. But it would be a big boost to the motorsport fraternity in India, if he visited its birth place - Madras Motor Sports Club for which Jackie Stewart had laid the foundation stone in 1987.

#32 Go rustic. Step out of his Renault and take in the lush surroundings of the lovely farms around BIC.

#33 Be a sport. Forget the tikka. How about a big fat bhindi for Kimi? P.S: Did you know Tikka is a popular surname in Finland? It means woodpecker in Finnish!

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