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A town named Cricket

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 24, 2012 14:17 hrs

India may be the world’s most cricket-mad nation but it does not have a single town named after the sport. 

If that sounds like an odd statement, consider that there actually is a town named Cricket. No, it’s not in any of the world’s cricket-playing nations either but in the unlikely country of the US - North Carolina to be precise. 

According to US official data, Cricket has a population of a little over 1,855 and a median annual income of $29,987 (Rs 16.4 lakh). 

Incredibly, too, Cricket is also a first name in the US – there are records of one person in the country to bear that as a given name. It is, the same source tells us, the 8,325th most popular name in the US.

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