'Chosen one' Pak woman squash player says destined to take on Taliban

Last Updated: Tue, Feb 19, 2013 10:20 hrs

Maria Toor Pakay, who is Pakistan's number one woman squash player and is ranked 49th in the world, believes she is the chosen one to fight against the Taliban.

Pakay, who comes from South Waziristan, said she has a big vision for her region, which is considered as the most dangerous place on earth, CNN reports.

Female participation in any form of public life is strongly discouraged in Pakay's region, by both words and deeds.

Education, working, sports and anything involving women leaving the house unaccompanied by a male relative was seen as the work of the devil, but Pakay had talent.

By the age of 21, Pakay she had gone pro in squash and broken into the world top 50, an incredible rise up the world rankings, and she is one of only three Pakistani women in the top 200.

Yet her success has come at a price. The local Taliban for insulting their culture and their religion has threatened Pakay and her father with retribution, the paper said.

Pakay said her area, her tribal regions are called the hub of terrorism and extremism, adding it's the home to the Taliban, and it's called the most dangerous place in the world.

Pakay added however, she has a big vision for her country, and for her people it will be stopped, adding she always thought that maybe she is the chosen one.

Pakay realized at a young age that she was different to other people she saw in her community.

The brave squash player added When she was four and a half, she told her parents that she want clothes like her brother, adding she wants to play with boys, there's more freedom, she felt.

Pakay added she is not like girls who play with dolls, adding she wants the toy guns and things like that. (ANI)

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