DRS will be a waste of time in IPL

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With the fifth edition of the DLF IPL having begun in real earnest, most of the CEAT Cricketers of the Week will be based on the performances in the IPL.  Of course the Tests in the West Indies will be taken into account as also the second Test in Lanka. That Test will be more in the news for the way the Decision Review System operated than for the deeds on the field.

The defenders of the DRS say that it is there to eliminate the howlers, so even if the technology is not hundred percent foolproof it should be used. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka have every reason to believe that the DRS actually upheld howlers than eliminate them. This was for the simple reason that if the TV umpire has no compelling evidence to overturn the decision given on the field then that decision will stand.

With the hot spot and the snicko-meter also not being used, the technology was on one foot so to speak and limping away.  Thus the decisions on the field which were palpably wrong even on slow motion evidence were not reversed because the TV umpire did not feel there was enough reason to do so. So instead of the howlers being eliminated they were perpetuated.

Whether it is the expense factor or whatever reason that all available technology was not used, it is about time the ICC took the matter in its hands. If it wants that DRS should be used universally then it should pay for it instead of asking individual boards or TV rights holders to pay for it. After all, the ICC has got paid handsomely for the TV rights it has sold and if it budgets smartly and controls unnecessary expenses on travel, etc., it will be able to use it for all international matches.

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The IPL does not have the DRS. The format is just too fast to waste time waiting for the decision to be referred to the TV umpire. It would upset the rhythm and tempo of the game. As it is, most of  the IPL matches take longer than they should, so a DRS system would be only stop the game.

The first few matches have seen home teams losing, though the Rajasthan Royals managed to win their first match at home. The wins away are invariably a great morale booster since it gives the confidence that in familiar home conditions the players would be able to do better. That did not quite happen with Mumbai Indians who lost at home after beating the defending champions Chennai Super Kings in their lair.

At the Eden Gardens the Kolkata Knight Riders also faced the same fate as Morne Morkel bowled superbly and then Irfan Pathan smashed around  for the Delhi Daredevils who finished at the bottom last year.  Irfan Pathan for his big hitting that won the game for Delhi Daredevils is the CEAT International Cricketer of the Week.

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