England captain Cook could learn lot from 'king of cool' Dhoni

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 15, 2012 06:10 hrs

England's new Test captain Alastair Cook could learn a lot from his Indian counterpart Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who is often referred to as king of cool, according to English cricket writer Stephen Brenkley.

"Among Alastair Cook's qualities as the captain of England will be his composure. He will usually act and, on the days he has shaved, look like the choirboy he once was," Brenkley writes in his column for the Independent."But this will pale next to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, his counterpart with India. Cook may be calm, he may be a man who never perspires but compared to Dhoni he will reveal a thousand feelings with every ball that is bowled," he added."Dhoni is utterly inscrutable on a cricket field. True, as captain he directs traffic from time to time, it being difficult for a wicketkeeper-captain to attract the attention of his men. But he betrays no emotion," he wrote. Brenkley further added: "It will be fascinating, it always is, to watch the two captains at work in this Test series. There will be long, hot, dusty days in the field for both of them when directing traffic is all that they can do.""Cook is at the start of his great adventure and given the demanding nature of the challenge, recriminations will be few if England fall to India. The manner of their falling would be the significant aspect," he wrote."Dhoni, by contrast, is a man under close scrutiny if the media coverage of the past week is to be believed. It is difficult to do so. This has evolved from the two hammerings his side received in England in the summer of 2011 and in Australia immediately after. They lost eight Tests without reply," he added."If Dhoni is a man feeling the pinch, it was typical that he showed no sign of it whatever yesterday. Dhoni is an old sweat, seen it all, done it all. Cook stands on the verge of something," he concluded. (ANI)

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