'Gay' NBA star Collins took advice from Lance Bass

Last Updated: Wed, May 01, 2013 10:20 hrs

American performer Lance Bass has said that US basketball star Jason Collins had called him for advice before the veteran NBA player made history by being the first active male professional athlete in a team sport to come out as gay.

The sexuality of the former N Sync singer, who is also gay, was revealed to the public in 2006 on the cover of People magazine, although Bass had confessed that he was not necessarily ready, the New York Post reports.

According to Bass, Collins had been trying to plan his coming out for a very long time, adding that Collins had told him that he was going to call him months ago but was too scared.

Bass further said that he had told Collins that he had far more choices than Bass himself did when he came out, adding that he was told by People magazine to make his choice within 24 hours or they would reveal his sexuality themselves.

Urging Collins to get help from gay support groups and get information on how to handle coming out to the public, Bass said that the athlete had told him that he did not previously have many connections to the LBGT community because of his career in sports.

Meanwhile, Bass recalled that he was initially fearful of homophobic comments when he came out, but he was surprised to receive tremendous support instead. (ANI)

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