How Hot Yoga helped Murray transform from choker to Grand Slam winner!

Last Updated: Sun, Jan 27, 2013 05:50 hrs

Andy Murray has revealed practicing yoga in temperatures of 40 degree Celsius has helped him revive his fortunes on court, saying his tough training sessions have assisted him both physically as well mentally and helped him to compete at the very highest levels.

Murray has said of Bikram, the 26-posture sequence that takes 90 minutes to complete, that until one doest it they can't realise on how difficult, tough and ugly it is, the Independent reports.

The hot yoga is also effective, as Murray's win last September in New York over Sunday's Australian Open final's rival, Novak Djokovic, showed, the paper said.

The world number three from Dunblane started practising Bikram five years ago on the advice of his conditioning coach, Matt Little and a number of tennis players have since followed him into the hot studio, including the British No 2, Laura Robson.

Olga Allon, the studio director at Hot Bikram Yoga who introduced Murray to the discipline, said it had been pivotal for the current US Open champion.

Allon said they built up a very strong relationship and it was a turning point in the way the Scot trained, adding it helped improve his flexibility and helped to balance his body, which is very important for a tennis player.

Allon added that practising Bikram had also helped Murray mentally and the player has done a much better job of controlling his famous fiery temper in recent years, as well as having the crucial self-belief to clinch victories.

Bikram, which was invented and patented by the Los Angeles-based Bikram Choudhury more than 30 years ago, is not without its critics, who dislike the way the discipline has been turned into a money-making venture and worry that exercising in extreme heat can cause injuries as well as help to prevent them. (ANI)

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