Masked thug ridicules Amir Khan on YouTube over claims he KO'd his gang members

Last Updated: Fri, Oct 12, 2012 09:10 hrs

A masked thug has taunted fighter Amir Khan over claims he and his brother knocked down a gang of would-be carjackers, as two expletive-riddled tirades have been posted on YouTube under the title Amir Khan The Real Truth.

In the video the man rails against the former world champion who escaped the incident in his 100,000-pound Range Rover with just a smashed windscreen.

A witness had earlier said that Khan and fellow boxer Haroon, stood their ground in the Birmingham car park and six thugs got dropped one by one.

In the clips a balaclava-clad man, who calls his gang the 'Brum Town Bullies', also produces items, which he claims belong to the Bolton fighter.

"We walked out of the place with him, walked right past him, jumped in his car put on his f****** CD player and started blasting his music," the Daily Mirror quoted the thug, as ranting.

"He came over and tried to tell us to jump out of the car so we jumped out and punched the living daylights out of him," he added.

The thug then reaches down and picks up a set of Porsche car keys, a Louis Vuitton wallet and a Gucci bag he claims belonged to Amir.

The thug then shouts: "Ask him to explain whose is this? It's yours. What the f*** are we doing with this if he knocked six mans out?"

The clip ends with a threat that if Amir ever returns then the Brum Town Bullies are gonna knock your f****** jaw off.

"You ain't no hero round here, you're a zero," the thug concluded.

Meanwhile, the West Midlands police said detectives were investigating into the matter. (ANI)

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