'No Inspector Clouseau' cop 'not bitter' about getting replaced from Steenkamp murder case

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 22, 2013 06:00 hrs

The disgraced investigating officer of the Oscar Pictorius' case has said that he is not bitter about being replaced in the case of Pistorius' slain girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, and added that he is no 'Inspector Clouseau' to have bungled the case.

Revealing details about his frustration about the lack of support and cooperation he had received from other cops and senior officers while investigating the case, Detective Hilton Botha said that although in the beginning he was a little bothered about the allegations against him, he is not worried any more, New York Daily News reports.

Stating that he had investigated a number of cases in his career that had guilty findings, Botha admitted that the Pistorius case may had been too high-profile for him to handle.

However, Botha expressed his frustration about his name getting trashed throughout the world because of the mistakes he had been said to have made and added that after this case, it would be difficult for him to find work in any other place.

The detective added that he was probably replaced from the case because the higher authorities felt that he had made some mistakes in the case, which he had denied.

Botha added that he could not defend himself against the allegations because of the lack of significant telephone records, forensic and ballistics reports that may have helped get evidence against Pistorius.

The detective further said that he did not want to lie in front of the court, as it may have already added to his current discredit.

Detective Hilton Botha had been removed from the Oscar Pistorius' case after a tough assault by the athlete's defence lawyer on the witness stand. (ANI)

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