Soccer match-fixers spoke in elaborate codes

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 13, 2013 12:30 hrs

, the code was based on food, women and cars; in Turkey, it was based on farming and construction terms.

From Croatia:

FOUR-WHEELED DRIVE — A fixed game that was rock-solid, its outcome assured.

GIRLS — A reference to police: "We have two girls on our tail."

KEYS — Upfront bribes for players: "They won't sell the car without the keys."

KULEN — A kind of local pork sausage that referred to a package of €1,000 (about $1,275) in payoff money.

MERCEDES — Games still in the process of being fixed: "The Mercedes is in the shop."

PASSAT — A fixed game: "The Passat is ready to be picked up."

PAPRIKA — Pre-game bribes.

From Turkey:

BUILDINGS UNDER CONSTRUCTION — Games in the process of being fixed.

CROPS BEING WATERED — Match-fixing payments to players or referees.

GOATS IN THE FIELD — Soccer players.

PLOWING, PLANTING and SOWING — Efforts by club officials to fix games.

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