Viru can destroy any bowler any time

Viru can destroy any bowler any time

Last Updated: Sun, Nov 25, 2012 04:17 hrs
Sehwag revolutionised Test cricket

Geoffrey Boycott expresses his admiration for fellow opener Virender Sehwag in this special interview. Read on...

Please describe Virender Sehwag from a technical point of view.

He plays by instinct. He's got superb timing. He doesn’t fear at all. That’s why he can proudly say that he doesn’t care about any bowler in the whole world. Although he has limited footwork, he can manage to take inventive strokes because of his excellent eyesight and magnificent hand-eye coordination. If you carefully watch his batting you will see that he hits through the line. Such a player who can diminish any attack comes once in a generation.

What do you have to say about his upper-cut over the slip cordon?

I have never tried the upper cut, but the current generation happily go for such shots because of the T20 and one-day cricket. And Viru, Sachin have mastered that shot over third-man. Viru has wide range of strokes. I always say that he can destroy any bowler any time.

Are you amazed with any of his qualities?

Virender Sehwag does not get upset easily. He has got a marvelous temperament. He takes everything in his stride. He has never tried to change his style of game.

How will you explain Sehwag’s quality as a batsman?

Some magical thing is there in his batting which is something extraordinary. No one likes to miss his batting even if they need a cup of tea.  They don’t even go to the toilet when he is at the crease. They want to be entertained by his batting. Unfortunately, there are not many batsmen, who can entertain the crowd like him. He is a rare free spirit.

Why is he not equally successful in one-day cricket?

I really do not know. I don’t think he changes his gear in one-day cricket also. I can assume that the fielders are scattered all over the ground. There is hardly any slip and gully. Batsmen all over the world find difficult in finding gaps. That may be one of the reasons. But for Viru I would not like to predict anything.

How does he manage to keep cool and stay away from criticism?

It’s also quite a rare thing. All the criticism goes over his head. That’s why he can bat with a cool head. He doesn’t purposely take any pressure.

How difficult is it to keep away from various kinds of pressure?

Pressure does not get to him. It’s a rare quality. Keith Miller once said that there should not be any pressure in a cricket match. Because after all, it is only a game. Since Keith Miller was a pilot, who had the experience of going to the battlefield, he knew that pressure during the fight was much more important than on a cricket field. We just cannot compare that pressure with the pressure of a cricket match. They see first-hand that soldiers are shooting down the enemies. That is called pressure. Viru is an ideal example of displaying no pressure. Nothing bothers him. And he makes it happen.   

Greg Chappell finds lots of similarity with Doug Walters. Do you agree?

No, I don’t. I have spent 48 years in cricket … 25 years playing cricket and 23 years as a media man. I have never seen a player like him. He comes and opens the innings with ease. Whereas Doug Walters is a middle order batsman. The toughest job of an opener is to open the innings. The ball is new, wicket is unknown which Sehwag has been doing it for 12 years and has played 100 Test matches. I don’t even want to compare him with Chris Gayle. Once again, let me confirm that I have never seen a cricketer like him.

What will you be expecting from him personally?

I would be personally happy if he gets big scores in places like England where the ball seams a lot. If he can manage to do that, people will place him ahead.

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