Al-Qaeda's '9/11 part two' threat to London's Wembley Stadium

Last Updated: Sun, Oct 24, 2010 07:30 hrs

The Al-Qaeda has reportedly targeted London's Wembley Stadium in a plot being referred to as '9/11 part two'.

According to the Daily Express, overseen by senior Al-Qaeda leader Asim Jeddawi, the plot also includes targets in Washington, Berlin and Paris.

The plot was uncovered when intelligence agencies discovered a secret online discussion by Al Qaeda commanders.

"We hijack planes and they are then converted into bombs that can be dropped on to crowds packed into football stadiums, or rammed into skyscrapers during prime-time, killing a quarter of a million in a quarter of an hour," the newspaper quoted a man calling himself Abu Abdullah, as saying on a website.

The intelligence agencies have also revealed that terrorists are learning martial arts to help them overpower flight crew and passengers.

Terrorists are also thought to be developing ways of making Semtex-like explosives undetectable to scanners.

"We know the Jews and Crusaders have installed sensitive testing equipment at all their airports, so the smuggling of explosives and weapons has become nearly impossible. Therefore, we the Mujahideen, must look for alternative methods," Abdullah said. (ANI)