Bounceability of MS Dhoni is unique

Last Updated: Sat, Jul 13, 2013 10:37 hrs

​The cool clinical dismantling of Sri Lanka's hopes of winning the triseries was typical of the man.

He was not even supposed to be fit for the final so the reports would have had us believe, but like he has shown zillions of times, the bounceability of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is unique, and there is no cricketer who from impossible situations has won such personal and team battles as the Indian skipper has done.  

Just before India left for the ICC Champions Trophy, he was needlessly dragged into a controversy, and people who have not even in their dreams  achieved half of what he has done on the field for the country were questioning his integrity.

He remained cool throughout and replied in the best possible way and that was by performing on the field. He backed his instincts, picked the players he believed in and has now won two back to back titles to add to the glittering wins that are already in his kitty.

Not many know the real Dhoni, perhaps even his closest buddies don’t know him as well as they think they do, but of one thing we can be sure of and that’s if tomorrow he has to say good bye to all the trappings of fame, he will calmly get on his motorbike and go away. He is that rarity who treats both those impostors, wins and losses the same and simply plays the game.

India revved up a gear when it was needed, and having lost their skipper to injury and the first two games of the triseries, they knew that a bigger effort was called for and the players delivered.

Rohit Sharma played a patient waiting game, and his half century in the final will give him much more satisfaction than some other innings, for he played a game that is not his usual one.

This is where a player shows signs of growing up, for to play the natural game is so easy but to make the adjustments when the team needs it is what makes a player show his maturity.

The Mumbai Indians owners also deserve a big pat on their backs for making him the skipper of their team, for it made the talented youngster think broadly and realise how teams can get affected when there is a seemingly casual effort.

Once a player is captain he becomes a lot more responsible about his own game, and that is what was seen in Rohit Sharma’s knock in the final.

It was a fabulous effort by team India, and they have in these six weeks erased to a great extent the shame that Indian cricket felt over the four previous weeks. Well done boys! May the force always be with you.

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