Choosing football tips for this weekend

Last Updated: Mon, Aug 20, 2018 16:58 hrs
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While betting on football was somewhat simple when there were only a handful of games taking place, it's been hard to pick out clever tips when there's so many football fixtures to choose from. All football fans relish the return of the football season after the typically boring summer without it, but with so many matches being played across the globe, it can be hard to pinpoint worthwhile football tips for the weekend.

Limiting yourself to solely betting on football from the English leagues hones your attention but it can also lead you to missing out on some game-changing fixtures in Europe. This is the primary reason that most punters will make use of all football markets on offer, as they’ll have more chances of sealing a winner merely by broadening their horizons. Regardless of how you might look at it, even the hundreds of matches being played out on a Saturday doesn’t improve your luck for winning bets.

Key tips for choosing winning selections for the weekend include:

Don't limit available selections

As we've already briefly mentioned, a lot of bets can be ruined by those who refuse to add in selections from outside of England. This primarily occurs when the two teams you actually believe in don’t make the best odds between them, leading to random English teams being added in alongside them with little to no thought or consideration. Rather than doing this, it would be advised to look elsewhere, even if that means just adding in favourites from Italy, Spain, Germany and France just to marginally enhance your odds.

Compare your football tips

If it's reliable football tips for this weekend you're looking for, there's not much better advice than comparing your tips with experienced tipsters. This doesn’t mean that you should forget your own football tip if a betting website doesn’t have the same idea, but it could certainly be an indication of how good your tip really is. It's primarily useful as a confidence boost, reinforcing your faith in the chosen bet if what you’ve picked has also been chosen by an experienced site. FootyAccumulators are a good site for comparing bets, as they frequently post out their own bets. They’re also a good website for if you want any pre-made football tips for the weekend.

Find the best odds

When you've established which bets you’ll be backing, it's always best to track down the best available odds. This is easily done by finding your chosen bet on all major betting websites and, while it might seem troublesome at the time, it's worth it if your bet lands and you've got the stronger bookie price.

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