Former England skipper Illingworth says `Fiery Fred` Trueman better

Former England skipper Illingworth says 'Fiery Fred' Trueman better than Anderson

Last Updated: Fri, May 24, 2013 03:52 hrs

Former England captain Ray Illingworth has said that although bowling star James Anderson is the best swing bowler in the world now, but his former teammate and Yorkshire legend Fred Trueman was far better.

Illingworth's statement comes on the backdrop of the second Test against New Zealand starting at Headingley, where Lancashire cricketer Anderson, on 305 wickets, is expected to cruise past Trueman's 307 tally of wickets as he faces New Zealand in front of the Yorkshire faithful, the Mirror reports.

Although the former England coach believes that Trueman and Anderson are two of a kind as they both have taken the wickets their skill deserved, he, however, insisted that the Yorkshire legend was more better than Anderson as Trueman was more aggressive than Anderson and could bowl at 90 mph aiming at leg stump and turn the batsman around, in his best performances.

Although Illingworth said that not many bowlers could have matched the pace of Trueman, he, however, credited Anderson with coming close to matching Trueman's record, adding that both are classical swing bowlers.

According to Illingworth, Trueman is also better at moving the ball back to the batsman than Anderson, however, he added that Anderson's class and skill with the ball beat Trueman in that department.

Illingworth further said that Trueman's figure of 307 would surely be closer to 407 or 507 were he to have played the game in this era, and that could well be what Anderson ends up with.

Illingworth further said that had Trueman been alive, he would have been the first to congratulate Anderson on his performance and for coming close to beating his record

As it happens, Anderson has been known to take his aggression out in the opposition changing room post-match when, egged on by Damien Martyn, he had once cuffed Australian Michael Clarke around the head with a pad, the report added. (ANI)

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