Group that involves India is seemingly the tougher group

Last Updated: Thu, Sep 27, 2012 05:17 hrs

The group matches finished with Pakistan's superb win over Bangladesh, which eliminated the latter from the tournament. That show by Pakistan will make other teams sit up and take notice of how dangerous a team they can be. The bowling took a bit of a pasting from the Bangladesh batsmen, but then the batting led by the skipper Mohd Hafeez, himself, who ensured that Imran Nazir didn't get carried away meant that there were no alarms in getting to the stiff target set by the Bangladeshis.

The T20 format is such that no team can be called favourites, but the way the two super eight groups have panned out means that the group that involves India is seemingly the tougher of the two.

It is not just Pakistan, but also Australia and South Africa that India clash against, and that means they will have to be on top of their game throughout if they are to make it to the semi finals.

The hosts Sri Lanka have some injury issues with key spinner, Ajantha Mendis not certain to play. Looking at the way both New Zealand and England have struggled against the spinners, Mendis' absence could well be decisive. Lanka will have their batting talent of course and they can pile up a big total, but they don’t have the same fearsome bowling attack in the likely absence of Mendis.

The West Indies too have a problem with their bowling where their quick bowlers are bowling a Test match length and not the much fuller length needed for this ultra short format of the game. The Test match length which is shorter allows the batsmen on these good pitches to step aside and use the width to club the ball away, and the quicker the bowler the further the ball goes.

The quickies have to think in terms of changing the speed and mixing it up, but the inherent West Indian thinking of attacking the batsmen means that the shorter they bowl their bowlers will go for runs. The experienced Chris Gayle fired in his quickish off spinners just under the bats of the batsmen and cramped them from swinging their bats and so proved pretty effective.

Sunil Narine, who like Ajantha Mendis can turn the ball either way with no noticeable change in action, will be the key in the West Indian attack.

England have a chance to recover from the loss to the Indians and they will look to win big so as to get their confidence back. They then have to play only the Lankan spinners in the group so all things going well they should be able to get through if they begin by beating the Windies.

This group is a bit more easier since there is a sameness to the teams, but it is the T20 format where things can change dramatically in just a few deliveries. The teams will look to begin with wins so that they ease the pressure on themselves for the next couple of games.

Let's just hope the weather behaves itself and allows a complete game.

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