Hard work remains the key

Last Updated: Sun, Apr 24, 2011 05:16 hrs

After the start that the Kings XI Punjab got, it was heartening to see our bowlers fight back in the manner that they did. At one stage, it looked like we would be chasing more than 220 and for someone like Siddharth Trivedi to bowl in the manner he did in his fourth over took a lot of courage.

That said, when chasing a total of more than 190, we needed to get to a good start but the early wickets put us on the backfoot. Recovery was always going to be difficult from there and credit to the way Punjab bowled after that.

Shaun Marsh played a great innings. I thought he timed the ball supremely and found the gaps at will; a concoction difficult to stop. Of course, he was helped in no small way by the start that the Kings had - getting to 50 in the first three overs of the game - and that batting display made life difficult for us. The pitch was good but getting to 196 was always going to take some doing. Unfortunately for us, we fell short of the total.

Kings XI Punjab beat Rajasthan Royals by 48 runs

The two-day break between the games comes at a very opportune time. We have had four games in a span of a week and such gaps allows us to mentally and physically recharge ourselves before the rest of the tournament.

The difference between having just a day between two games and having more than that, is stark. Usually without too much time between games, the management needs to weigh between utilising that time for rest or to organise a practice session but when you have two days or more, a liberal dose of both, rest and practice can be had.

Not that we are only team which had had to undergo the rigour of playing and traveling in quick succession.

It is also good to be back to Jaipur, in familiar surroundings, where we play three games now and hope to turn things around

The break has also allowed us to have a couple of meetings on where we have gone wrong and the discussion has been a fruitful one. Now, we look forward to implementing some of those things we spoke about, when we play Kochi next.

Kochi has been playing very well in recent times after not starting off too well. This format of the game is all about momentum and the Tuskers have that going for them. On the other hand, we are on the backfoot and the momentum is against us but playing at home allows us some more leeway. Hopefully, we should be able to turn things around in our favour.

There is no magic-word obviously that we can summon to get back to our winning ways. As a side, we only need to train hard and support each other and restore the confidence. Hard work remains the key, as it is in any other format of the game and that will continue to remain our mantra for the rest of the games.

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