How the Twitterati reacted to Sachin's dismissal

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 07, 2013 06:38 hrs
Sachin to retire after playing 200th Test

Sachin Tendulkar was at the receiving end of a dubious decision from umpire Nigel Llong in the first innings of the Kolkata Test. 

The Twitterati was not amused and trained their verbal guns on Llong.

Here are some of their more colourful tweets:

Surya Sripati ‏@suryasripati
A ton wont make his stock go up any further and a 10 wont make his stock go down either. Why this fuss about Sachin?

EngiNerd ‏@mainbhiengineer 
There is no meaning of having our own desi Superhero like Krrish, if he couldn't stop umpire to give Sachin out through wrong decision.

Ravi Bhatia ‏@iamravy 
Seems BCCI has trained the commentators very well. Nobody has even mentioned DRS after that Sachin decision... #IndvsWI #cricket

Illegal Indian ‏@illegaly_indian 
Arnab Goswami to interview Nigel Llong tonight on tht Sachin decision. Is this punishment enough for him? #NationNeedsToKnow 

Alex Ranjan ‏@the_musketeer 
Forget about Modi's special security, first give the Umpire a special security after giving Sachin out in a wrong decision. #IndvsWI

Akshay Kanitkar ‏@akshaykanitkar 
After he gave Sachin wrongly out, we can safely say that alongwith Sachin Tendulkar, it is also a Farewell series for Nigel Llong 

Aneesha Dalal ‏@Aneesha22 
Love this cricket crazy nation.Everyone discussing Sachin's wrong lbw. Overheard a conversation in a cab, on the road and one in my building

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