I am sorry for my fans, says Vishy Anand

Last Updated: Sun, Nov 24, 2013 05:47 hrs

At the end of the day, my play in the match was a big disappointment. As far as I am concerned, game five was when it all started to go wrong. The way I lost that game is the way I thought I could not afford to lose. 

A fine position in the opening, then a slip. The fifth game was a heavy blow. I really hoped not to be afraid of him in long games but simply match him. This was not to be. Game five was the real low point for me. After that you can say that I was a bit depressed.

After that, it became worse and worse. I guess when it rains it pours. It is fair enough to congratulate him. My mistakes did not happen by themselves. Clearly he managed to provoke them. Full credit to him. 

At the start of the match, I thought my chances depended on my ability to last long games without making a lot of mistakes. This year I had lot of problems creeping into my play. I kind of try to pay some attention to that. In the end it was in vain.

As far as my overall preparation is concerned, I had a feeling that this match would be all about execution. I had the strategy I wanted. Executing it, holding at the board, seeing it through was what it’s all about. I tried to pay lot of attention to that. 

This year, in tournaments, so many things have gone wrong. I felt that would be the crucial area. I didn’t manage to understand either him or me! I was simply unable to execute my strategy. I did not manage to achieve any of the things I aimed for.

I also am sorry for my fans. Despite lot of support, somehow my play never got going. I am sorry for them that it wasn’t a better match. Right now, I want to first get some rest, take stock of what has happened, come to terms with everything here and take it from there.

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