20 Jun 2018,18:02 IST
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Peak before the IPL and crash after it

It's funny how the Indian team performs well before an IPL and badly after it.

'Hard to understand the psyche of Indian team'

Former captain Sunil Gavaskar came down heavily on the Indian cricket team

Virat is the right choice

There is only one message from the selection of the squad of the Asia Cup. That is, Virat Kohli is the next captain of Team India

Team Points Net RR
Sri Lanka 19 +0.164
Australia 19 +0.454
India 15 -0.593
Mar 06 08:50 IST, 2012 2nd Final: Australia v Sri Lanka Adelaide
Mar 08 08:50 IST, 2012 3rd Final: Australia v Sri Lanka Adelaide
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