IPL has given us New Age Gladiators!

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There is a reason the IPL is such a roaring hit in this nation and it is beyond just cricket, glamour and sheer testosterone! The IPL has given this nation the same grandeur and the same pleasure that the great Roman culture enjoyed. It has given us New Age Gladiators.

Team owners are like ancient Roman Emperors and Chieftains. They get together, bid in live auctions and put a price on the most prized players from around the world. The price is set on talent, age, experience, grit and sheer appeal. Players are auctioned in an open forum and the owners, like new age army commanders, create their teams. A good team is forged with a near perfect combination of warriors, to make it a complete battle-ready unit.

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There are the openers whose job is to massacre the attack of the opposition and exploit the overs of the powerplay. Then comes the 2nd rung of attack.
The stabilizers: the no. 3 to 5 whose job is to steady the ship, guide it towards the mid innings and ensure that the team is in a good position to fire the final onslaught. The next to come are the bashers at No 6 and 7.

Their job is to use sheer brute force, decimate the opposition's bowling attack and put up a challenge that's beyond par: that final formidable score which would give them the upper hand. The last 4 players of the team are chosen on sheer craft and strength to wield their weapon of choice: the seasoned ball! Pace, spin or both, either curb the run flow, outfox the opposition or just blast the way through, to rout wickets.

These new age gladiators have no nationality, religion or grudges. Arch rivals on the traditional cricket field put everything aside and swear allegiance to their new owners and their new units. These gladiators that make up these formidable units are programmed to entertain, earn big bucks and win! And at the same time, they justify their buying price and increase their status and equity back home.

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Each team has its own stadium which becomes their Colosseum.. their battle ground where the locals come and cheer their teams as they fight it out with
their arch rivals. Waving flags and donning their city colors, the crowds of supporters, head to their fortress to cheer their home team, while the players sit in the dug outs.. the players pit.. right by the  playing arena.

The owners occupy their VIP boxes or royal enclosures and invite royalty: Page 3 celebrities, film stars, business heads and political figures to wine and dine with them, while enjoying the sport. Local and national brands support this new age sport and reward the most talented and gutsy gladiators with prizes, money and gifts!

And all this for an evening well spent by fathers and sons who bond, as they cheer their demi gods fighting it out for 3 hours, with guts and glory, to win for their team and their people.. in this new age sport: The Indian Premier League.

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