Kate Upton tempts Sebastian Beacon to sell soul to the devil in new Merc ad

Last Updated: Tue, Feb 05, 2013 11:20 hrs

Kate Upton showed very less flesh in her second Super Bowl ad for Mercedes-Benz, in which she played a red carpet glamour girl tempting an ordinary man into selling his soul to the Devil.

In the Faustian clip, actor Sebastian Beacon entertains the idea of becoming a rich and famous playboy and Willem Dafoe plays the devilish character tempting him to sign away his soul for a car, the Daily Mail reported.

The amply-charmed 20-year-old appears in Beacon's fantastical vision of what his life could become, playing a blonde starlet who grabs the everyman and pulls him close to her on a red carpet.

Wearing a Marilyn Monroe-style white gown, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit covergirl looks every bit the Hollywood bombshell but she only appears onscreen for about five seconds.

Beacon is then whisked onto a night club dance floor where he is busting his moves alongside R and B superstar Usher.

He takes a carload of ladies to Las Vegas, appears on magazine covers, gets chased by teenage girls, and drives at the Indie 500 before opting to actually pay for the Mercedes rather than sell his soul.

Upton's previous Mercedes-Benz ad angered the Parents Television Council while leaving many viewers wondering why she didn't reveal more skin.

The organisation said that the car commercial "isn't selling cars, it's selling sexual objectification." (ANI)

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