Meet the 9-month-old twins who can already swim the length of a pool!

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 07, 2012 09:00 hrs

A pair of twins from the UK, aged just nine months, can swim the entire length of a 25 metre pool unaided on their backs, even before they can crawl.

William and Ellenita Trykush were just four months old when they went for their first dip on holiday in Cyprus - and soon discovered a rare talent in water.

"I thought all babies could do it. It wasn't until we came to swimming lessons that we realised just how unusual it was," the Sun quoted their mum Charley, 35, a keen swimmer, as saying.

Dad Vic, 49, said, "When they get in the water people gather round to watch."

"It is incredible. They can swim for 25 metres but I think they could go further. If I turned them round, they would start off again," he said.

The couple, from Cirencester, Gloucs, now have half an eye on the Olympics.

"We won't push them but it would be amazing to see them at the 2028 Games," Vic added. (ANI)

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