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Should Dhoni quit captaincy?

Despite humiliating defeats on home soil, under fire Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni refused to step down from captaincy, saying it was not the right time to run away but take responsibility and turn the team's fortunes. Should Dhoni quit captaincy? Tell us.


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Posted By: John On:10/12/2012
He is good for a one day Captain.
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Posted By: JAGJIT On:10/12/2012
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Posted By: Raj On:10/12/2012
Nonperformers whoever they are, after several plays should be sent to lawn mowing for three months
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Posted By: Sunil On:09/12/2012
Dhoni should quit
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Posted By: Aman On:09/12/2012
No, he should be remained as a captain. yes we lost last 10 matches out of 11 but it doesn't mean that he's not capable of leading a team.....the whole team is going through a tough phase,ups n downs are part of life.He's still the best bet to lead India, just let your performance do all the talking sir.
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Posted By: ashwin On:09/12/2012
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Posted By: bandan On:09/12/2012
India should have a separate test team which should not play 20 20 by its players
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Posted By: Sharif On:09/12/2012
Mr. Dhoni the luck time is over you don't have to be talented when luck favours you, but the same luck when turn into unfavourable situation then there is no other option rather than to step down otherwise the same selector will throw you out of the team. So it is better to go honourably rather then to get throw out forcibly. Don't follow Sachin he is a shameless creature. The selector are scared of Shivsena so that is why they are allowing him to play forcibly even though they know that sachin is useless and Indian team on paper is having 11 players but actually they are playing with 10 players only(they knew this that sachin is having no performance attitude they knew that they have to tolerate this wrotten egg even though it smell badly instead of fragrance because board know if they throw sachin out then one day shivsena will throw stone on them. Don't follow this useless culprit he is never a match winner personality compared to Ganguly,Laxman & Dravid. Better honestly step down.
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Posted By: Sharifs. On:09/12/2012
You know our Indian Captain is the member of the bunch of Jokers including Selectors and other players like Sachin, Sehwag Gambhir etc., Now this jokers are entertaining the foreigners even by loosing matches, by ill performance. I think the time demands change in captainship and also replacement the new with old jokers as clearly mentioned above.
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Posted By: Sharifs On:09/12/2012
Yes he should step down, but he is clever enough to retrieve back the past of the former captain, that is after stepping down led them to step out of the team and dhoni know very well if he step down from captainship than he will be automatically thrown out from Indian team any time.
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