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Should Harbhajan be banned?

Harbhajan has always been controversy's favourite child. But even by his outrageous standards, his act of slapping Team India teammate Sreesanth is one step too far. Do you think the BCCI should ban Harbhajan for this mindless act?


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Posted By: Arumughan On:29/04/2008
Defenitly should ban him, especially he got a time support from BCCI for many a mistakes he done .
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Posted By: safeer On:29/04/2008
no he did not much more absolyt great influednce anythin and most im
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Posted By: akbar azam On:28/04/2008
srisant nature is not good he always agressive with his co player i never saw sportsman sprit in srisanth, several times he did mistake like that so both player should banned
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Posted By: sahil On:28/04/2008
bhajji should not banned that was 100% srisanth mistake
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Posted By: pavan On:28/04/2008
yes he shud be banned
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Posted By: Aseem Sharma On:28/04/2008
Yes. He should be and has been rightly penalised for what he did at Mohali. This type of behaviour is totally unacceptable. But, having said that I'd like to mention that after this he should be allowed to live respectably and not crucified by the media for TRP.He knew he was wrong and he owned up his actions, he did not give any excuses and that is the character of a good man and a fighter. What happened was absolutely wrong and God forbid shall never happen in any game in the future. But again , to own up your fault is a great virtue. So now let bygones be bygones and please do not hate this man. He is a great player. Has been punished appropriately, lost about three crores,big amount and hopefully he won't do it again atleast to his own Team India mate.
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Posted By: v.srinivasan On:28/04/2008
certainly not - the issue is blown out of proportion by media
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Posted By: soumya sahoo On:28/04/2008
yes ,of course!this man should be crucified. he deserves to be condemned without impunity. he needs be a human being first and then play matches
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Posted By: shailendra On:28/04/2008
yes, an example has to be set for the Cricketers
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Posted By: Hariharan C S On:28/04/2008
Is it that hard to accept a mistake when we see one. yes bhajji should be banned for the entire IPL. Possibly an apology to sreesanth and god knows ???? the entire aussie team...did bhaji say the monkey word has to be reviewed too!
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